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Mining Technology Lab. Mission

Laboratory Outline

Mining Technology Laboratory has been launched since 2016 in Akita University. Our laboratory is developing and proposing useful engineering system for the area of “Mining Engineering” and “Disaster Control Informatics” with the aid of “Geographic Information System (GIS)”, “Wireless Network Technologies” and “Advanced Sensing Technologies”.


Research Outline

Our area of expertise is “Mining Engineering” and “Disaster Control Informatics” and we are trying to develop a new discipline which takes a multidisciplinary approach such as Communication, Sensing and Computing into Mining and Disaster Control. This discipline is still exploratory discipline, so it is also an important mission to systematize this discipline with a central focus on disaster control for Earthquake, Slope and Mining. In other words, all disasters in Earthquake, Slope and Mining are must be controlled with the aid of Informatics.

The research career of the principle investigator (Y.Kawamura) began with Mining Engineering area, then the Geo-Sensing discipline had been established during the principle investigator was in University of Tsukuba (2003-2012). Moreover, this has been expanded to Geo-Computing discipline after when the principle investigator moved to Curtin University in Australia with collaborate to GIS department and Mining department. At that moment, the principle investigator is belonging to Soft-Computing Research Unit and actively integrating Soft-Computing and Image processing technologies. The research topics of our laboratory are expanded widely, now. Following figure indicates the research topics of our laboratory currently undergoing.