Research on Disaster Control of Ground

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“Visualization of ultra-shallow region of ground” and “DigBot for monitoring ground environment” are the key researches in the area of disaster control of ground especially in our Lab. The ultra-shallow region in this research area means less than 3m from ground surface. It is known that this region is one of the most difficult region to visualize with elastic wave prospection in this research field due to mixture problem with direct wave, reflection wave and surface wave. Also, this region has been focused for many years because a basic infrastructure is buried in this region. Our laboratory successfully visualized by using active ultrasonic and advabced signal processing.

Monitoring ground environment is generating a lot of attention after the great earstern earthquarke. A digging robot named “DigBot” has been developed by our laboratory for monitoring the underground environment and exploring the lunar surface. The purpose of this research is to develop the robot which can dig soil and sand automatically. When we build the building or structure, ground research is indispensable to know that if the ground can hold the building. In addition, conceivable application of DigBot is investigation of geological condition and ground pollution after disaster.