Research on Disaster Control of Slope failure

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The slope disaster fall into the general classification of ”Landslide”, “Rockfall”and “Mudflow”. These are big disasters which are caused not only by topographical factor but also by earthquarke, rainfall and so on. Therefore, it is required more and more researches. Especially in Japan, there is high requirement for this sort of research because there are many precipitous mountains. In our laboratory, the landslide and rockfall monitoring systems have been developed in collaboration with Nippon Koei Co. Ltd. and Hokkaido University, so far. It is confirmed that a landslide movement which is normaly very slow could be detected by using RSSI of ZigBee wireless network. In addition, this proposed monitoring system can measure the environmnet such as temperature, humidity, illuminance and amount of rainfall. So, it can be said that this system is total data management system.

The principal investigator has more than 15-years research career for disaster control of Rockfall. So, the slope sensing cycle has been developed and proposed. That includes “Cable sensor system”, “3D DEM simulation”, “Non-destructive mesurement of penetration of boulders” and so on.